Questions & AnswersCategory: SubscriptionsDo I still have access to my Saved spreads after my subscriptions have expired?
Anutiama asked 3 years ago

I have a Rune Mastery App subscription and saved several spreads that I have done. When I cancel my Rune Mastery App Spread subscription and the Subscription has expired (so I do not have an active subscription), can I still see my Saved spreads?

1 Answers
Anutiama answered 3 years ago

By default access to the Rune Mastery App is suspended. Meaning you do not have access to the Rune Mastery Dashboard and its functionality.

You can however send an e-mail to us through the Contact page, in which you request access to your Saved spreads. We will grant you access to the Rune Mastery Dashboard, which in turn will give you access to your Saved spreads.

This is ONLY available to users with previous Rune Mastery App Subscriptions!

Users that had a Subscription to the Teacher/Practitioners module will be granted access to the Basic Saved Spreads functionality.