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anutiama.net is dedicated to the Runes of the Infinite Mother, received by Almine over a 2 year period. Click here to read the story on the Runes and their formidable power.

The Rune Mastery Environment was developed with the vision of reaching a larger audience through 2016 and beyond, as it is time that this powerful modality support the awakening of the many. The environment fully supports the newbie, the master, and master practitioner who works with the Runes in client sessions. If you are a Grand Master of the Runes and have felt to share the power of these sacred tools with clients, you will find all support here.

Meet the developers….

About Anita

Anita is a healer, teacher, and metaphysician who has been a student of the esoteric since her mid twenties. With a Master’s in Science that developed her ability to hold complex and seemingly disparate systems and uncover equivalencies, she methodically studied many of the popular modalities of energy psychology, from 1999-2008. And with each, after the initial excitement, she found she hit a wall in their effectiveness with clients. She then trained in Rapid Eye Therapy that was at least an order of magnitude more effective than most, and yet she ran against its limitation as well (not to undermine its effectiveness in clearing out deep imprints). She knew that deeper answers lay in the mystery of the meridian system, and so she got her doctorate in Acupuncture in 2005 and also studied German New Medicine in 2006. Her objective to clear trauma from the meridians by combining all that she’d studied, led to deeper exploration of the eight extraordinary meridians, which she knew were cause of all that we experienced as life.

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Through my work with clients, I explored more and more deeply, the many travesties to the body, and realized that the biggest hindrance was due the fact that we were producing the hormones of stress, fear, ageing, and death. I developed programs aimed at secreting the ‘higher hormones of a dignified existence’, which I taught through 2009-11 while developing tools of inner mastery. Meanwhile, I continued to delve into the mysteries of the extraordinary medians. Through a life-shattering and ultimately awakening event in 2012, it became clear to me that battling the matrix only made it stronger, and the only way was to transcend it through peaceful, evolving awareness that was no longer polarized through judgment (i.e. no right or wrong). In 2013, I came across the work of the great mystic Almine, and in her work I recognized highest truth.

anita-about-imgFrom late 2013 to early 2016, I immersed completely in studying Almine‘s work, created the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy in support of her modality to clear the meridians, while teaching portions of her work, and was able to ‘put the lines through the dots’ and eventually uncover the ‘holy grail’ of my search since 2000. I have discovered the simplicity within the complexity, the true power of the 8 extraordinary meridians and how we may cooperate with these mighty flows of Source. I am embarking yet again on a new phase in my work, and will be teaching these deep esoteric revelations in simple ways to larger audiences. It is time that the keys to heaven on earth be in the hands of humanity. This is a shared vision with other colleagues that have blessed my journey with support, encouragement, and inspiration, and a new model of collaborative work has emerged and is manifesting as levels of support for all who are seeking.

In 2014 I was initiated into Rune Mastery and placeholder of the runes (Canada) by Almine.

Support for the Runes…

The Runes of the Infinite Mother hold the power to awaken the wholeness of being within each and every individual who is seeking healing and liberation from mind control, and the paralysing programs of fear and struggle. They hold the power to evolve the meridian system so that the higher hormones are produced. Since being initiated by Almine, I have felt a deep covenant stirring, to bring them to wider audiences that would not normally be exposed to this information.

The Rune Mastery Environment is the result of a shared vision, with Dave Reedijk, to make the runes easily accessible and a central part of daily guidance and how we refine expression to manifest a life of grace. Dave’s skills in developing the software have been a source of awe and delight! The runes are the most potent and versatile tool of leveraged evolution on the planet—a precious gift from the Infinite that we have Almine to thank for. And we have created a program that makes it all come alive! All those called to Rune mastery will find in this tool, the full support to take up and live from the power of the Runes. And if sharing their power with clients interests you, the environment provides incredible support for this too, and will melt away any self-doubt or challenge as to how to do this! The time of the Rune Masters and of the Runes of power for the liberation of all is at hand.

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Photo Anita Zarkel-Briggs
Anita Zarkel-Briggs

About Dave

After several wonderful spiritual experiences in Australia in 1995, where I had taken the opportunity to travel around, my life until 2010 was mainly focused in the field of IT, while spirituality was more of a ‘side interest’. This slowly changed beginning 2008. After several experiences with magical spiritual material from various schools and teachers, in 2012 I visited a retreat given by Almine. The encounter with Almine is one I will never forget, as it was truly a life-changing experience for me.

I have been working for Almine for almost 2 years, which has been a privilege and pleasure. My passion for her profound spiritual teachings and tools, which have translated into equally profound and practical life changes for me, is the impetus for the Anutiama project. First developed was the Aunutiama Dutch site in partnership with dear friends Willy and Rina Clarys. And now, in loving collaboration with Anita, I’ve developed the anutiama.net website. I am very excited to be part of bringing these sacred tools to people.

When I mention my passion for the spiritual side of life, many people are surprised. The general misperception I often hear is, “Someone that is working in such a technical and specialized field cannot possibly be spiritual“. Yet both sides are very much integrated parts of me. I love the way that technical advances in general can help us evolve and understand (only to realize we don’t know anything). The Anutiama Dashboard with the Rune Mastery environment is a good example of where modern techniques are used for spiritual growth. The shared vision that Anita and myself had around this has grown these past months, taking shape into an amazing tool for those seeking to more actively work with the Runes of the Infinite Mother given to us by The Seer Almine. This tool enables exploration for anyone starting out with the runes, and enables Rune Masters to work with them personally or with clients. I look forward to evolving the product as we continue to receive Almine’s spiritual revelations.

Written during a Shamanic retreat with Almine in 2012

I am the gentle breeze of endless possibilities
The gentle breeze that refreshes, warms and sees
The gentle breeze that unlocks the pure expression of emotions
The gentle breeze that moves gently, vulnerable but strong
The gentle breeze that shows and enforces the beautiful origin of self
The gentle breeze that connects unconditionally everything, everyone and all
The gentle breeze that opens and expands, as a flower opens its petals to show the absolute beauty of self
I am that gentle breeze
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Dave Reedijk