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Rune Mastery Standard Subscription

US$25.59 ex. VAT (EU) / month

(4 customer reviews)

This Standard Rune Mastery Subscription level gives you access to the different spreads, integrations and information. Please refer to the Product description below for an extensive description.

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The Rune Mastery Environment Standard Subscription gives you full browse and search access in the Rune database. It offers the ability to perform all the spreads given by Almine in the Book of Runes, augmented by teachings at prior retreats, as well as other information in her teachings and integrations.

Spreads and integrations cover guidance, manifestation, weekly prediction and clearing/activating the 7 fields and the meridians. Preset spreads are also available to integrate the Ascension Attitudes, dissolve the four mirrors and much more. Information on the Runes and the Fields of Perception is also included, as needed to understand the spreads. All capabilities to save, print and share are supported. Spreads and integrtions at your fingertips – on virtually any internet enabled device with a modern webbrowser!

4 reviews for Rune Mastery Standard Subscription

  1. Caroline Meyer

    I feel as though I am a fluid field within a beautiful field…did Rune app work this morning and much shifted…feels as though dream state and here and now awareness are one… dream state coming alive in real time…such an interesting fluidity …enjoying the sensations that have lasted all morning! Caroline, Canada

  2. Emily Cox

    I have been playing with the rune app all morning and it is just incredible!!!! I am so impressed by this app! Congrats to you and Dave. I can’t imagine how much work went into it and so much gratitude to you both. Love, Em USA

  3. Erlisa Jorganxhi

    I am impressed with the depth of thought and elegant work you have put together to make this incredible Rune Mastery App. I didn’t know how you could bring such a rich and complex process into an app, but I am very very happy and exited to see what has all come to be! It is a truly a Living Work of Art and I am very exited to delve in. Not only do I see this as a tool to use for myself and clients but something I would like to encourage every one to engage and learn from, this is a Living Academy of Communication of the One and the Many in a common language, through the exponential power of App Technology. My deepest Love, Praise, Gratitude and Surrendered Trust in the privilege we have to engage and participate in such joyful work, and appreciate the true glory of the Infinite-One Life. Many Blessings and Infinite Prosperity your way. Much Love, Erlisa

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