Through the ages runes have been sought through mystical practices and revelations, to bring guidance and to serve as magical power objects. The runes of the Infinite Mother not only come as a great gift to fulfill these purposes but to deliver an even greater benefit: enhanced consciousness.

As a sacred guidance system, the runes show us the subtle currents of possibilities, and also lay out a pathway of evolution to stimulate fuller capacities in the practitioner.” (From the Book of Runes –

The 672 Runes of the Infinite Mother bring us the power of alchemical change.

Almine explains alchemy as the science of transmutation, whereby dissimilar components are combined to create a leveraged result. “In an alchemical equation, the sum total of the components is therefore much more than the parts added together.”

The 672 runes (in the Book of Runes) are in a very specific order and each has a specific value. Every set forms an alchemical equation, and jointly they form a leveraged result. When the runes are added together into a combined book, the new powerful energy that turns the book into a power object is born. The power of the Rune book will work, even if it is not read. The entire purpose of this book is: The full activation of the inner and outer senses, in order to dissolve the enslaving programs of belief systems.

Card 39 from field 7In using the Runes for guidance, manifestation, and inner mastery, you are led to cooperating with Infinite Intent in a manner such that all that shifts within is cause for changes without. The Runes form a ‘linguistic bridge’ that communicates between inner and outer realities and causes them to move in synchrony.

As a tool, the runes help to interpret life and to refine perspectives, attitudes, and expression so that you are fully cooperating with the its flawless perfection. They help to clear the membranes between the fields of communication, so that you may master the tool of transcendence, which enables you to leave the old energy source of polarity behind. In transcendence, you attain to ‘the peaceful interaction of multiperspectives’ which becomes a new energy source.

So far, the meridians and chakras have operated in isolation or have been inactive, causing distorted perception and illusion. (You can read about the dysfunctionality in the chakra system in the Book of Runes, and in the meridian system in the Bridge of No Time.) The Runes’ powers support clearing and activation of the seven fields of perception, the twelve ordinary meridians, and the eight extraordinary meridians so that all becomes a unified field of indivisible expression. The 672 runes (7 * 12 * 8) are a gift of pure tones to purify the membranes and dissolve the matrices of belief systems.


The Power of the Runes as Linguistic Bridge (Excerpted from the Book of Runes)

yin-yang symbol“Within the rich inner infrastructure of man, a river of untapped potential awaits discovery. Like the Yin and the Yang, the inner and outer realities are opposites, divided by their inability to communicate in a mutually understandable way. This seemingly insurmountable language barrier can be overcome however, by developing a linguistic bridge that communicates between the inner and outer realities. Such a bridge is provided by the ancient wisdom of the Runes.

The intent of someone seeking the wisdom of the cards creates a mutual agreement between their inner and outer realities that this is a system that will be the communication method of choice for the outer articulation of inner guidance. A rune representing a specific principle, desired by someone as an expression in his or her environment, can also send a reverse communication from their outer reality to the inner, eliciting support for its manifestation. Carrying a specific rune with us, reading its wisdom frequently and living its guiding principle, the inner potential of our being is alerted to its desirability so that it can aid in its manifestation.”

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“The runes must be treated with respect as sacred sigils representing aspects of the inner sanctum of your being, and as the representation of cosmic principles embodied by angel gods. They live through the awareness that they carry and the more you work with them, the more they will be strengthened as a tool of consciousness. They are the messengers of you speaking to yourself from the ancient wisdom of your everlasting being.”


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