The 13 Joints – Portals of Transcendence

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The 13 Joints – Portals of Transcendence

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The 13 Joints are the portals to transcendent consciousness on all 7 fields of perception. Transcendence is necessary to leave the triad of linear change, and move into the resurrected state.

Art by: Phoebe Surana

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Almine has given us the important Toltec ceremony to clear density from the joints, which has wheels and angels to call upon. In this video, you are led through the 13 insights of the joints and clearing with the goddess gates and with runes that capture the theme of each joint.
As the joints release their density through living these insights, we become the living paradox of integrated oneness, able to fluidly move through the illusion of density. The first part of the video leads you through the androgynous state achieved through activation of the Ren and Du channels (extraordinary meridians), and then the process through the 13 main joints follows.

The 13 Joints pdf contains an introduction, table of insights of the joints for easy reference and the Fragrance Alchemy (FA) for Joints recommendations given to us by Almine across various materials. The Mindfulness exercise for the 13 Joints pdf contains a simple mindfulness exercise to keep releasing the tension from subconscious programs in the joints.

What is available to you:

  • Rune Dashboard with:
    • 2 Integrations (can be done as many times as you like):
    • The 13 Joints – Portals of Transcendence; an integration of the 13 joints.
    • The 13 Joints; a random/daily integration of one of the 13 joints through the 7 fields.
  • A 70 mins video (can only be viewed online).
  • 2 Adobe PDF files (downloadable).
  • A Sound elixir that eases the tension between the masculine and feminine that can be used for the Mindfulness exercise (downloadable).

1 review for The 13 Joints – Portals of Transcendence

  1. Renie Musser

    I wanted to share my experience from purchasing The 13 Joints – Portals of Transcendence. Profound…as I was guided through the 13 joints/portals I became aware of areas of resistance I wasn’t even aware of. I could feel my joints/portals eagerly wanting the release as I moved through the process and could feel a tightening in the area to come and then the release. I feel wonderful after completing the process and want to make this a weekly process of release. The images on the video are just amazing and beyond description. I will be supporting my joints/portals and the process also by using the suggested FA Lotus oil. Thank you for offering this experience. I found it very beneficial.

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