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High Alchemy: Qi Vesta

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Exiting the matrix of existence of illusion and entering into Oneness is realized through the leveraging power of the Alchemy of the One.


Qi Vesta is the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys, LLC www.spiritualjourneys.com

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The Lemurian Qi Vesta means ‘Breath of the Divine’, or that which breathes life into manifestation. It replaces previously used divination devices like the Tarot.

As life ascends to one of Mastery, it can be clearly seen that time is an illusion belonging to those who strive against life. The Master, in the stillness of full surrender, knows there can be no predictability when there is no time. The Master also knows that he may manifest a temple of holy life in his environment that honors the sanctity of his being. The Qi Vesta is the ancient and powerful manifestation tool for accomplishing this.

Suffering is only inherent in life when we engage in its movement. In the stillness of full surrender, we enter the peace of timelessness

~ Almine

Product includes:

  • Access to the Anutiama Dashboard Environment to access the Qi Vesta product;
  • Information on how to work with Qi Vesta including a short audio by Almine;
  • The special Qi Vesta sound elixir
  • Full set integrations for each of the 4 sets;
  • Almine’s original Qi Vesta Main Protocol (4 step spead) used for the 60 day program;
  • A single card pick from each of the 4 sets for contemplation;
  • Almine’s original Hakulit Protocol with creation of the Sigil of Powerful Manifestation (from the drawn cards);
  • A card browse option where you can browse through the cards as you would do with the physical set. The concept is displayed together with the card.

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