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This page was last modified on December 5, 2015

These terms and conditions are in addition to Anutiama’s General Terms and Conditions and apply to all digital products offered for sale or as a subscription on anutiama.net. Taking advantage of an offer (i.e. downloading free or paid products), placing an order or subscribing to a service via Anutiama, means you consent to and accept these Terms of Sale.

  1. After successful payment for digital products on anutiama.net, the buyer receives via their account on anutiama.net access only to the digital product and available downloads for which they have paid.
  2. With the placement of an order and the payment of a digital product, the purchasers enter into a final purchase agreement with Anutiama. The terms of this agreement are available on Anutiama before and at the time of ordering a product. During the ordering process these terms and conditions must be accepted.
  3. A final agreement gives buyers non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to use the digital products. Intellectual property rights and legal authorship remain with Anutiama at all times.
  1. All intellectual property rights on digital products, both whole and in parts, remain the property of Anutiama. You refrain from any act that infringes upon the intellectual property rights.
  2. Anutiama guarantees that the digitized products supplied to you do not infringe any third party intellectual rights.
  1. Anutiama is not liable for damages that may result from the use of such products.
  2. Correspondence and/or delivery takes place via e-mail and the Internet. You are responsible for providing the appropriate (e-mail) address to Anutiama. Additionally, you are also responsible for properly setting up your computer and/or mobile device (Tablets, Smartphones and other Internet devices).
  1. Anutiama’s digital products are subject to copyright. It is therefore not allowed to copy, distribute and or commercially exploit the purchased digital products.
  2. It is not allowed to create “derivative work” by modifying the digital products to distribute or commercially exploit without express written permission of Anutiama.
  1. Digital products on Anutiama can not be returned. Cancellation of an already completed and delivered order is for this reason not possible.
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