Does every field have Runes in reverse positions ?

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Does every field have Runes in reverse positions ?

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asked 2 years ago

I have the Book of Runes and the answer is not in there. Sometimes I draw a Rune in reverse positio when the text says there is no reverse for it. Other times I’m baffeled as to what the contrary meaning is. Eg. 4-71. Is it at face value, that I will not meet a kindered spirit ? That hardly seems the right interpretation. So where can I get clarification please ?

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Anutiama answered 2 years ago

There are cards which mention a specific explanation/description when the card is drawn upside down, cards with an explicit "no upside down" and the majority of the cards do not mention anything regarding an upside down position when drawn.

The way the cards can be interpreted is that, when a card is drawn upside down and the card has no specific upside down description, the cosmos asks you to pay attention to this card and the message it is giving you. It is by no means that the description is to be read or interpreted as the opposit of what it says!!

Your example card 4-71: kindred spiritWhen kindred spirits meet, the effects ripple throughout creation. the synergy of souls augments the effects of such interaction. a meeting with a kindred spirit is before you.

It doesn’t mean that you will not meet a kindred spirit, it means that there are possibly things that are blocking that at the moment, things that prevent you from seeing/recognizing your kindred spirit, things that need your attention. Remember everything is potentially available, but it is for us to see and recognize this potential.

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