Outer Sense Organ Protocols

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Outer Sense Organ Protocols

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Activation of the Eight Outer Sense Organs ~ To manifest a higher life

For the Merging of Inner and Outer Space

The 12 ordinary meridians are the 'rivers of your life' – the pathways of life force through which you manifest your dreams into form, from the subtler levels of reality. Their intelligence evolves the body to be able to manifest a self-sovereign life. Each meridian associates with an organ of the body and an outer sense organ (smell, taste, sight, etc). The organs store trauma and unprocessed past events, and the sense organs store the memories of those traumas, which hinders the ability to manifest a life beyond old wounding.  When cleared of distorting memories, the sense organs operate at their higher functions: sensing the potential inherent in each moment, and perceiving the 'wonderful becoming' to bring about heaven on earth.

the Runes of the Infinite Mother are the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys, LLC www.spiritualjourneys.com

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In this product are 8 clearing and activation protocols with the Runes of power, to clear the outer sense organs of their distortion filters, and activate them to their higher function. Once cleared, the outer sense organs can fluidly cooperate with the inner sense organs, helping us to tap into the 9/10th or our manifestation power that has been inaccessible until now.

What we perceive, we achieve, and the heavenly state is here and now if we will but sense it to bring it about.

Product includes:

  1. 8 protocols (Rune integrations) for the 8 Outer Sense Organs.
  2. 4 videos: Intro to the 8 outer sense organs, Activating the Sense of Smell, Eye exercise to See the Real Light and Activation of the 8 Outer Sense organs to perceive heaven on earth.
  3. 8 light elixirs created by Almine, to support the clearing and activation of the outer sense organs (available exclusively on the RME platform).
  4. Audio meditations and spreads:
    • To surrender to the moment in love and trust.
    • To dream life anew.
  5. Selection of different downloads.


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