24 Tones of the hour

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24 Tones of the hour

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The Bird Clock is a powerful manifestation tool that dissolves boundaries across meridians, fields, and levels of existence, revealing life and emerging potentials, layers deep. When the membranes between meridians, and between the 3 parallel realities of spirit, soul, and body (head, heart, gut) dissolve, we operate from wholeness, and have access to far greater insight and power to manifest deliberately.

Without membranes, operating as a unified field, all resources and information across dimensions is accessible to you, and all that you do impacts on all levels.
Living the tones of the hours supports a return to Whole Being Flourishing in the deepest sense.

The product comes with a clock that tells you the Tone of the Hour, which is Infinite Intent which the song birds sing on Earth, hence it is called the Bird Clock. Cooperating with the tone of the hour and following the guided action given, as inspired, puts you in sync and cooperative harmony with unfolding cosmic intent in the moment, and helps you to see and sense beneath appearances. Life is streamlined and unfolds more gracefully.

This Clock product is not the Bird Clock process, but helps you live the tones through the day. It is easily incorporated as an inspiration and refinement to daily life.

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Product includes:

  1. Clock of the Hours – each hour brings up a panel with correspondences and fragrance alchemy for the corresponding meridian.
  2. A pdf with themes of the 12 ordinary meridian.
  3. A short audio meditation through the higher tones of the 12 ordinary meridians.


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