Fields of Perception 5-8

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Fields of Perception 5-8

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The fields of perceptions of the deeper feminine etheric reality are the ones through which our eternal self and the potentials to change the patterns of life come from. Activating presence and heightened awareness on these fields increases our power to manifest a self-sovereign, real environment in alignment with Divine Intent. The inner feminine reality has 9/10th of the power to manifest, and through gaining access and awareness on these deeper dimensions, we begin to tap into great creative power. The fields of the feminine reality, in which we are in oneness, activate the 8 extraordinary meridians – the flows of Source. Through mastering these fields, we may cooperate with these mighty flows of manifestation power to such a degree that we become inseparable from the Source of our existence. They also activate the higher chakras.

This product contains rune integrations through fields 5 to 8, to deepen our power to manifest a higher life from the eternal part of our being. The integrations are a convenient way to take in the power of these runes in a meditative manner for profound change. This product is recommended for anyone wishing to explore the power of the runes for guidance and clearing, as well as for preparation for Rune Grand Mastery.

the Runes of the Infinite Mother are the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys, LLC

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Product contains:

  • 4 full field integrations for fields 5 to 8, with angelic music elxirs as meditation music
  • 1-rune random pick spread for guidance on each field
  • Document (pdf) with correspondences and qualities of the fields


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