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Rune cards

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A beautiful and functional Rune Cards Set consisting of seven sets of 96 cards each.

The information and Runes from the Book of Runes form the basis of this set consisting of 672 individual cards. It is the basis and recommended for working with the Runes.

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A unique and high quality Rune card set. The set consists of 7 individual card sets, each with 96 Rune cards. The individual card sets correspond to the seven fields of perception:

  1. Runes of the White Tiger (field of perception of Shamanism)
  2. Runes of the Mother Library (field of perception of White Magic)
  3. Runes of the Order of the Sacred Butterfly (field of perception of Healing)
  4. Runes of the White Rose (field of perception of Mysticism)
  5. Runes of the Blue Light (field of perception of Metaphysics)
  6. Runes of the Lion’s Gate (field of perception of Godhood)
  7. Runes of the Living Libraries (field of perception of the unfolding Journey)

Each set of cards has the corresponding chakra color of the field of perception and uses Almine‘s art that was especially created for the Runes.

Each card contains a card number, Rune image, the theme, the description (if available) and the name of the Angel.

The cards contain all the information you need to work with this magical instrument, which is received by Almine ( It is the Book of Runes in card format!

Card details:

  • Dimensions: 63x88mm (2.48×3.46 inches)
  • Material: 400g paper (14 oz)
  • Color: full color
  • Finish: glossy laminated and rounded corners

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