The Divinity Quest

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The Divinity Quest

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Activating The Higher Matrix of Godhood in Your DNA

Through ages of existence of cycles of life, death and ascension, there are those great lights on Earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing that the reality of man is not their own; that a higher reality beckons. The Seer Almine has laid down a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of godhood.

The Divinity Quest (DQ) contains 65 divination cards, each with a message, power Sigil and Angel god. Also included are:

  • 3 Guidance Spreads
  • The protocol for DNA activation to awaken the qualities of godhood.

Not only is the Divinity Quest a system of guidance, but also of healing and DNA activation, as the sigils work in you to clear illusion. As you align to the guidance, your DNA is activated and new qualities become available for you to express.


The Divinity Quest (DQ) is the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys, LLC

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The sigils on the divination cards are a most ancient and sacred script called Eskaragots.

The 65 sigils each have their own Angel god and form an alphabet used by the gods who once walked the Earth. They contain the power of combined tone and light and can be used as power objects to emphasize the aspects they represent, in your life. Use their presence in your workspace, where you sleep, or on your altar. Calling on the Angel god by name, you may request its assistance, for in having access to these sacred Sigils, they have become your allies.

Product includes:

  • Access to the Anutiama Dashboard Environment which offers your personal Divinity Quest (DQ) card of the day;
  • Information on how to work with the Divinity Quest including a short audio by Almine on the DQ;
  • Almine’s original Divinity Quest spreads, which can be saved, printed and shared (sharing saved spreads for practitioners only);
  • Browse through the Divinity Quest cards;
  • Search Divinity Quest cards by entering a search string;
  • The DNA Activation protocol for which the following 3 fragrance oils by Fragrance Alchemy are required:
    1. Blend of the Gods
    2. Flower of Saffron
    3. Goddess Blend

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Spiritual Journeys

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Alchemical fragrance oils


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